Sunday, 18 April 2010

Designing Destiny

I am alone in my room overlooking the damp soil of Tronoh that I am about to leave very soon. Yeah, it is drizzling right now but it is enough to give the moist and cool breeze through my window. It really gives off soothing feeling to me. Being alone like this always make me ponder about many things. Accompanied by lovely Liyana Fizi latest release, "Light Writing" and few dose of Sitti Navarro's jazz tunes, my mind start working and pondering about my destiny.

Being an engineering student, the word "design" is no stranger to me. Designing something is not as easy as it seems. Various factors need to be taken into consideration and the final design decision must be feasible and logical for implementation. I am always structure my mind to work like this and this is how I decide things although people always see me as a laid back person.

I just completed my poster evaluation as one of the requirement for my FYP (Final Year Project) completion. Alhamdulillah, everything turned out well without any glitches. And Mr. Z reassured his students with some convincing words about the evaluation result although we can easily sensed he was being sarcastic at that time or he was showing off to other students that he is the best supervisor in the world. Hehehe... Anyway, he is a good lecturer indeed and any weaknesses is acceptable as nobody is perfect, right? Alhamdulillah again, I passed the ability test as one of the requirement for securing job at PETRONAS and qualified for Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ). I hope that I have proven to them that I am the suitable future employee from the OPQ process and move on to Structured Interview (SI) afterward.

These two occurrences had actually made me ponder about my future. About how should I design my destiny. I know there is no time to waste. I should start thinking about the path that I am about to take. I have devised few feasible options to start my move. Taking all factors into account, I know this is isn't an easy task to do. There will be many variables that could hinder me from achieving my objectives. Nothing will be smooth sailing during the process. I started contacting my friends, and I had a long chat with my friend in SDAR, Mr. Kuch. We talked about the need of friends for networking and expanding our career. With prayers and encouragement from my parent and family, I hope things will be as smooth-sailing as possible. It will be not much of time left for me to start my endeavour in real world, I feel excited and anxious at the same time. Designing destiny must be achievable but it is not wrong to aim big, in fact everyone of us should aim big for our future. :)

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mrs camillo said...

salam encik afiq. (menjawab persoalan anda di blog saya)

:) untuk pengetahuan encik, perkiraan yang saya buat tidak termasuk minyak kereta dan lain2.. hanya semata-mata makanan sahaja 400 ringgit. belum campur rasa macam nak makan aiskrim.

ini untuk saya la..sebab saya kuat makan. :)

orang lain yang bawak kereta mesti lagi teruk rasanya. so saya just tulis situasi yang berlaku dipersekitaran saya. bukanlah blame mana2 pun. nak mintak duit lebih pun bukannya dapat.

tapi cara encik cakap macam la saya yang buat salah semua tu. :)

xpelah, hidup memang selalu macam ni.


-penulis bebas yang tak pandai berpolitik-

wa memang bersyukur je, sebab bila wa dah ikat perut, ade je saving. orang len la kesian.. :)

wa cakap based on case wa. :)

time wa tulis ni pun APRIL tahun 2009 wa tadek kete, wa tadek moto.

skang da ade pun bule je idop biase. memang wa tadek masalah. orang lain sedar ke bende ni? nape asyek ngadu kat wa, tak cukup duit. itu saja. hihi