Saturday, 2 June 2012


I've taken long leave after plant turn around activity ends to go back to my beloved hometown, Banting. I've taken the opportunity to visit my friends who had just have been 'promoted' to be parents. Congratulation to Cikun and Zunita for their first daughter named Safiyyah. She is already around 4 month's old when I paid a visit to their house in Puchong.

Safiyyah binti Shahrul Nizam

Safiyyah & me

Two days after that, I received information about the birth of a baby boy belongs to Hazmi and Shahirah. I paid them a visit once Shahirah has been discharged from the hospital. The boy was named Harith Sufyan and the most notable feature is the nose that really reminds me of Hazmi. :P

Harith Sufyan bin Hazmi Hijazi

1 day old Harith Sufyan with his dad

Anyway, congratulations to both couples and I wish the babies will grow healthily to be a bright and good person in the future. :)

With Cikun and his daughter

 Fellow Banting friends visiting Hazmi and family

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