Monday, 17 March 2008

Post Mid Semester Anxiety

Cuti midsem da abeh pon akhirnye. Means da maken dkat nk final exam. Tensen gler camni. Nk balek smalam pon xde mood. Xtaw la nape. Feel so intense, so anxious. Huish. Last nite delay is enuff 2 make me feel uneasy. And dat uneasiness does have good things in it. Of of them is I was being more cautious while driving last nite. Thank god 4 giving me hint thru dis anxiety. It really paid off as I wasn't speeding like I usually do and few kilometers ahead to Gopeng exit, the police set up a roadblock to nab the over speeding drivers. And luckily I wasn't caught dat nite tho I was cruising at 140kmph for a few seconds last nite. Hope today will be exciting and joyful for me. Ok la, nk mandi. Got lecture at 10.

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