Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Sorry for the late updates!

Internet connection woes [sudden disconnections from several websites including Blogger], hectic life in UTP and the list goes on... Sorry for not updating this blog for weeks. Baru hari ni la dapat masuk Blogger utk update.

Nothing much to talk about. The most recent event was the departure of my fellow friend Hazmi Hijazi to Japan last week. He is pursuing his study in engineering in Japan. Thanks to Aizat for troubling himself to pick me and Syahidah in UTP and drove all the way from Banting just to pick us up. Thanks dude~ We will never forget that. The long and troublesome journey really paid us off as we were managed to meet Hazmi in KLIA to say farewell to him. Only me, Aizat, Syahidah and Arbaiyah were there to send Hazmi off to Japan. It was really meaningful to me and I hope [I believe all of our fellow colleagues too] Hazmi will do well in his study there. Good luck!

Owh, UTP is conducting TEC exhibition a.k.a sort of career day today. But I don't have chance yet to visit the booths there. Hope I will have some time to go there. Ok, I need to stop now as I have EMT class at 2. Bye!

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