Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I had my first car accident in my driving years yesterday. It involves my dad's Waja and a Nissan Vanette pick-up truck near the Kota Permai Golf and Country Resort junction. I was with my 3 office mates were on our way to office after having lunch at Jalan Kebun. The small truck suddenly went out of the junction and I failed to avoid the collision. The impact had pushed the truck into the drain, hahahaha... (hish, xbaek gelakkan orang).

Before... (13/02/2009)

The impact...

Stunned by the collision, we quickly assessed the damage and exchange our infos before heading to traffic department of IPD Shah Alam in Seksyen 11 to report about the accident. The lorry driver was fined for careless driving and I head back home to manage the repair works. The damage is thankfully not so severe since I managed to minimize the impact and had cost only the left front part of the car. It is expected to be 'hospitalized' for a week if all the documentations are ready. I wish to all readers to drive safely on the road as there are many possibilities that can happen. :)

...push this lorry into a drain

Speed may kill

p/s: Arini downgrade gi keje naek moto jer~ isk2~ dan smalam ade la 1 kete ni brenti, igtkan nk tolong, tp amek gamba n blah camtu je. Mesti nk amek no. ekor ni, dah la mlayu, terok btol.


cikun said...

thank Allah that you're ok!!

AISHAH roslan said...

Salam. huhu. dah benda nak jadikan ... ;)

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

to cikun: tula, syukur sgt2~

to aishah: redho je ler~ huhuh~

kynnhs said...

'speed may kill'-tau pon..igt xtau