Wednesday, 11 February 2009

When I was on my way to work

  1. The lorry driver is so unfair to the motorcyclist. They will just cut in your way till you have to step on the brake real hard to avoid from being hit.
  2. The UNDERAGED school kids ride motorcycle like crazy while trying to defy the law of physics. To make thing worse, they were riding to school while smoking cigarette. How arrogant they are now, I'm sure you bought the cigarette using the money from your parent. Xsedar diri btol.
  3. Special to the owner of OLD 2-stroke bike (Yamaha SS, Y100, RG), please maintain your bike periodically. I'm sure you are not fogging the road to kill Aedes mosquitos though the government had declared Dengue now is a plague. Your exhaust fume is killing me. Better change to 4-stroke bike like me. :)
  4. I really appreciate the job done by the police to control the traffic early in the morning where most of us went out to work or to school. Plus, they assigned cute policewomen to the scene, what an eye-opener for my sleepy eyes. :P
p/s: Berhati2 di jalan raya


cikun said...

"while trying to defy the law of physics"

haha..ape bnde yg drg wat smpai tahap tu ko describe..hehe

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

hahaha~ bese la rempiters malaysia~ hak2~ aku yg kire pro ni pon xleh ikot~ hak3~