Saturday, 24 October 2009


Ia mengejar kecemerlangan tanpa lupa daratan,
Berperwatakan hebat, bersopan,
Sejauh mana kejayaan ditempa,
Balik mencium tangan ibu bapa,
Di barisan hadapan sebagai pembela,
Ilmu di dada menabur jasa,
Semakin memuncak cita-cita,
Semakin tunduk pada yang Esa.
I first read this long way back at year 2000. And today I found this again from my friend who quote this on his Facebook page. Thanks dude. This quotation really brings back memory to me. And each and every sentences brought deep meaning to me, making me reassess myself. It has been about five years since I left the place where I first read this beautiful and meaningful quote, am I complying to what this quote tries to say? Did this quote have done something good to me, moulding me to be a better person now? I really need to understand this quote deeply before I can untangle all of the confusions that I am enduring now. Somehow, despite horrendous period of final year study in UTP now, this quote has remind me about my aim, my focus in life. It is very rejuvenating when I discover this precious piece of words that I have been forgotten long ago. :)

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