Friday, 15 January 2010


0.04, a numerical value that can be interpreted in various ways depending on the situation. It can be something that is negligible or very crucial. A current drop of 0.04 Ampere in a semiconductor might affect its performance and efficiency, but 0.04 Volt of voltage drop in electrical transmission lines over a large power grid network can be considered negligible.

Hence, the numerical figure, although it is less than 1, the value can be very definitive or can be neglected. For me, 0.04 brings mixed feeling for me. At one side, I feel relieved as if I have cheated death, but on the other side, it makes me feel really bad and pissed me off. The figure makes my hand tied, unable to do anything. Because of this numerical figure, I had saved myself from trouble by a pretty safe margin but at the same time this numerical figure had prevented me from achieving my target by a very thin hair. It is so frustrating for me to accept this fact. Because of this, those people will blame me, sarcastically putting pressure on me for not achieving the target. The number says it all, I failed in achieving my target. Like Don Toretto said in Too Fast Too Furious, " A win is a win. It does not matter whether you win by a fraction of a second or not". They will say that I failed because I am not putting good effort for it, although it was them who were not being supportive to me by keep putting pressure on me rather than motivates me. On the other hand, I am very thankful to Allah for what had I achieved, despite the environment is not really on my side. Alhamdulillah.

p/s: I believe there are only two people who said something nice over this small numerical figure of my achievement. I am sure they are not only providing me consolation, instead it had motivated me to do better. Thank you and I really appreciate that! :')