Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Back to School!

It's been a while I have not blogging here. At home, I am totally 'disconnected' from the information superhighway as my home is not connected to the Internet. Alhamdulillah, I have been in UTP for two days now (got back here on Monday, January 11). The parking lot at Village 5 is slowly swamped with cars but a lot of vacant parking spaces can still be seen. The UTP security had extended the yellow line by the roadside especially near Village 3. Thank you for that (pun intended).

My journey here in the last two days was not so smooth but thankfully no problems were encountered during the journey. The temperature and fuel gauges on the Waja had gone erratic and successfully freaked me out and made me drive VERY sensibly (had to stick to speed limit in the open highway most of the time, hope that could save me some speeding ticket!). The temperature gauge suddenly give maximum reading while the fuel gauge needle pointed to empty level. But once I slowed down, the gauges are functional again giving the normal reading. Damn!

The problem does not end there. When I was in the residential college (RC) office for hostel registration, the RC supervisor wanted to charge me for staying during the semester break and wanted to fine me for not returning the keys. Upon closer investigation, he admitted his silly mistake for not realizing there is other person who had the same name with me (including the exact spelling) who is currently staying in the room I stayed last semester. But this argument had cost me my precious time plus with the hot weather that day. It really pissed me off.

My life in UTP now is quite boring as I had to get back here early for FYP. My roommate is not coming back until next week so staying alone is so boring. My day is filled by going to the lab for testing circuit and that is all. On the other hand, I enjoyed the tranquility so I guess I just have to enjoy it while it last. Huhuhu~

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Farah Justme said...

yeahhh moge x mati kebosanan di utp. aku da rase macam nak meletus kebosanan kat sini. ade rase macam nak balik next week sampai bukak sem. ha ha~