Sunday, 21 February 2010


The weather currently is very good. Not too hot nor it is raining. It is nice to hang the laundry to dry out there and yet my laundry basket is still full and untouched. What a boring and unproductive weekend. I feel so lazy to do anything right now and this new post is written with a bit of force just to tell myself that this weekend is somewhat productive. Hahaha...

I woke up at around 8 this morning (yeah, I am somewhat... a morning person... hahaha~) and headed straight to my PC, logged into Facebook and play Airline Manager - my current Facebook game addiction. After all the flights have been started, I played FarmVille, doing some harvesting, plowing and seeding job. I bet you can tell me how boring my weekend is. I feel like going out, but my pocket constraints me, making me feel even more boring stuck up in my room.

Browsing through my Facebook profile, somebody posted a wall post on my profile page. He (actually my teacher in SDAR), said something in Javanese language to me. I am not a native Javanese speaker myself but I understand what he said by translating it contextually and based on my understanding. The reason? I was (and still I am) nicknamed Jawa at school. This is where all it start. I remembered that my senior nicknamed Kobau (means "Buffalo" in English) give that name just because I live in Banting. Starting from that day, my friends especially the SDARians call me with that name. When I studied there, I made a few friends outside the school. I introduced myself with my real name first. Then, came my schoolmates calling and yelling me with my nickname, and automatically that name stuck at the tongue of my new friends when they are referring me.

Apart from that, some of my friends called my Asad as contraction to name Afiq SADli. I share the same name with my friend who is also in the same class with me from Form 1 until Form 5. So, we are differentiated by stating our dad's name along with our name. But, this nickname is only limited to my friend of that particular school only. Therefore, I can tell from which school are they when they are calling me with that name. Hehehe... However, the name Jawa is still prevail among my friends even when I entered UTP. As usual, I introduced myself to my new UTP friends that time with my real name, and preferred to be called Afiq but it did not last long. Remember the friends that are from other school I made earlier? Yes, some of them also enrolled in UTP and that is how the name spread. Hahaha~

Well, I guess that could not be helped. It is not a problem with me if my friends called me with my nickname as the nickname itself does not bring any bad meaning. But yet I am not proud of it because that nickname can bring misconception to other people who do not know me that well. and I feel guilty for that, somehow... Yes, like the recent wall post I mentioned above, people will think me I am a pure Javanese and can speak Javanese language very well. Yes, I do have Javanese blood from my dad, I can count from 1 to 10 (only, not more than that) and understand some words in Javanese but my nickname often be the cause of misunderstanding among my friends. Honestly, I can't speak Javanese fluently as my mom is from Negeri Sembilan. So, in our family, we only converse in standard Bahasa Melayu for daily communication. But, I think I am more comfortable with Negeri Sembilan dialect compared to Javanese. Anyway, I preferred to be called with my real name but I have no problem when my friends called me with my nickname. :)

p/s: Paris van Java