Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hilarious Mesra Mall

Well, another weekend had just started. I left my workplace at 1600H sharp, get changed from my coverall and paid a visit to Mesra Mall, the only place of entertainment for sleepy Kerteh. I never imagined that PC Fair is coming to Kerteh. Yeah, it does, starting from 9th of December until 11th.

Typical Kerteh, do not expect big PC Fair like in KL Convention Centre. The hall is very small and only very few shops open their booth there. Nothing worth mentioning about the so-called 'PC Fair' (it is not organized by PIKOM, just borrowing the name). But somehow, I managed to make myself amused today when I went to Mesra Mall. Look at this picture below.

Everything seems normal right? Just like other banners that promote an event. But look closer.

You got what I mean? This is totally not a typo, but rather a silly mistake due to ignorance by someone with their half-baked English. It is so shameful that they got this printed and be seen by the people of Kerteh including me. I cannot stop laughing (in my heart, of course).

Then I continued walking aimlessly around the mall and entered TMC supermarket (it is actually Giant Hypermarket in disguise) and I found this.

My best guess is that this complete PC in trolley is for stock checking purpose as you can see an RJ45 jutting out from the trolley to access the database. I found this rather old-school. I remembered during my time working part time in Guardian, I can easily check the stock inventory and other information like latest promotion and price using a handheld device. It is a passive device though as we need to download the data into the device first and get the item details by just scanning the barcode of the item. As easy as that.

I think, maybe the management resorted to this old method to cut cost. And, I'm sure that those Bangladeshi workers they hired won't complain much as they see this PC-in-a-trolley think the latest technology breakthrough. Huhuhu~

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Maint Kerteh said...

wow,this happen last year?its hilarious