Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Pasar Malam Kerteh

Pasar Malam or night market is nothing unusual here in Malaysia. When I move in to new place, one of the thing that I will be looking for is when and where the local pasar malam is. However, I went to pasar malam in Kerteh for the first time only after 2 months I have stayed here. Nonetheless, it is still serve its purpose like the other pasar malam around Malaysia where you can get variety of foods, fresh vegetables, fruits, seafoods and meats, and other items like kitchen utensils, not-so-cheap pirated shirts and many more.

Pasar malam in Kerteh is held every Tuesday near to the road leading to Kerteh airport near the small stadium. It started from 6 p.m. till 9 p.m. Please take note that some stalls are closing early at 8.30 p.m. so it is best if you can come at around 7.45 p.m. so you have ample time to look around the market. My first impression, the ambience is just like other pasar malam in Malaysia. The site is on a sandy field that is most likely can be like a paddy-field after the rain. Luckily last night the sky was clear and I can browse through the market without trouble.

Pasar Malam Kerteh, pardon my shaky phone camera

Basically, you can find anything that you can expect from the normal pasar malam. So, I bought my 'benchmark' food that I normally buy from pasar malam and compare it with pasar malam in Sri Iskandar, Perak (my favourite pasar malam when I was in UTP) and pasar malam Taman Sri Putra, Banting (home sweet home). The foods are yong tau fu, chicken kebab and mixture of beef and chicken satay. I also bought coconut shake, coconut juice that is blended with ice cream.

Chicken Kebab

I am not really a food critique, so I just comment whether the food is up to my 'edible' standard or not. The kebab tastes good, just like other kebab that I can find in other two places. However, the price is slightly expensive though, RM 3.00 per piece.

Beef & Chicken Satay

I would say that the food is up to my standard but not the best in terms of price and taste. The satay is not as tender as Banting satay and they do not provide the satay with cucumber and onion chunks like in Banting. The kuah kacang is just meeting with my minimum requirement so nothing to shout out about the taste. It is priced at RM 0.40 per piece, cheaper than Banting satay but slightly expensive from Sri Iskandar's.

Yong Tau Fu

Nothing to shout out about the taste, it is just meeting my requirement. It just offer sweet sour sauce only to accompany with as compared to Sri Iskandar where I have option to choose between sweet sour sauce or soup. However, it cannot still beat Banting sweet sour sauce though. The price is slightly expensive here compared to the two places.

Price comparison

Here I summarize the price comparison of each food according to their locations.

Location /Item



Sri Iskandar

Chicken Kebab

RM 3.00

RM 2.50

RM 2.50


RM 0.40

RM 0.50

RM 0.35

Yong Tau Fu*

RM 10.40

RM 7.50

RM 7.00

*The amount of yong tau fu is taken based on approximate amount only

I come to think of this, whenever I go, they can never beat Banting Pasar Malam in any aspect, be it the price or the taste. Ok, I admit that I got a little bit homesick right now. Worry not, I'll be returning to Banting tomorrow after work. Yahoo! :P