Saturday, 23 April 2011

Reminiscing Old Memories Can Be Costly, Sometimes

If you ask me what is the memorable moment in my life, I would say it would be my secondary school years. Since living in breathing on this earth (I've never been to other planets or at least ISS) for 24 years, school hood memories are etched deeply in my mind. Although I have wasted my 5 teenage years in 'unconventional' environment (yes, I'm from boy school) unlike other teenagers, I really enjoyed the brotherhood, happy and sorrow moments in my Alma-mater. That what makes my school hood moments unique.

The urge of meeting my school friends is so strong that I always try my best to attend reunion with those boys. Mingling with them gives a truly different experience because we share the same wavelength that other people do not. As a result of that, I went to a mini gathering in Kuantan with the boys who are studying in UIA Kampus Kuantan.

Despite the long-distance drive from Kerteh and the gathering was held on weekdays (Monday, 18/4/2011), I was very enthusiastic about it. Right after work, I quickly change from my working coverall to casual attire and rushed off to Kuantan. Finally, I arrived in Kuantan just before dusk. I went to the UIA out-campus male hostel in Indera Mahkota 2 to meet my friend Uganda and Ramdani first and performed Maghrib prayer there.

Then, we went to a steamboat restaurant near East Coast Mall in Kuantan (I forgot the name), where the mini gaythering was held. The attendance was quite impressive: Skema, Sam, Cinok, Ramdani and Uganda were present. Sam, Cinok, Uganda and Ramdani had just completed their studies while Skema has another one year to go before completing his medical studies.

The lads after chomping the steamboat

The ambiance was so good, we reminiscing our school life and laugh about it. Hanging out with them really made me forget my current life for a while, the life that is starting to get messy and stressful. That's the true brotherhood, bro.

Some of the UIA students that happened to be in the same restaurant too

After finishing all the steamboat food provided by the restaurant (it is a pay-per-head-eat-all-you-can concept restaurant), it was time to say goodbye. Sam and Skema had examinations ongoing, so they went home earlier. The rest of us, including me went to take as stroll around Kuantan to witness the nightlife there and stopped by Teluk Chempedak beach to have drinks and resume our conversation there till the makcik asked us to leave when she was about to close shop.

This time, I really had to say goodbye to them. After sending them back to their hostel at 0100HRS, I rushed back to Kerteh. Driving in the middle of the night was truly refreshing but I did not dare to drive fast as I was feeling extremely tired and sleepy. When I was about to reach Kerteh, I've hit a pothole at high speed and punctured the rear right tire.

The morning after the incident

It was unfortunate for me as the sidewall was already ruptured and need to be replaced. The next morning I went to tire shop and get the tire replaced.

Ruptured sidewall

The misery does not end there. On the next day after the tire changed, I noticed the left rear wheel was dented. The dented was so bad that the air leaked through the dented area. I have no choice but to replace the wheels. A good way to say goodbye to the stock wheels. So, the cost of reminiscing old time? Nearly RM2000, who said it is priceless? It is very pricey for me!

The aftermath

On the positive side, I just take this as my unfortunate day. Bad things always happen in the most unwanted moment. I just have to chew it up. To Uganda, Cinok, Skema, Daneng and Sam, I have so much fun hanging out with you guys! Errrr, can you donate me RM400 per person to cover up my loss? Come on, all of you are doctors and pharmacists... to be! :P

The lads: me, Skema, Cinok, Daneng & Uganda

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