Friday, 8 April 2011

Shopping in Kerteh

Sleepy Kerteh, Friday morning

You must be wondering why the post's title is quite specific, right? I just want to share with you my experience about my life here after staying here for more than six months in this sleepy town. Yes, you can expect different shopping experience here in Kerteh.

First, step into TMC supermarket (Giant in disguise) at Mesra Mall and you will be greeted by wonderful Quranic verses recitation via the supermarket's PA system. You cannot find this anywhere else and as a Muslim, it is a good thing for me. But somehow, I beg to differ. Won't other shoppers of different religion feel offended with this? Correct me if I'm wrong here, but can you, as a Muslim imagine stepping into a supermarket that plays Bible recitation or Buddha's chanting over the PA system? We will not feel comfortable shopping in that kind of environment, right? To make things even worse, they just stop the Quran recitation audio to make announcement and then just continue after finished making announcement, just like radio shows. That is why I oppose the idea of airing Quranic recitation over the supermarket's PA system. We cannon simply pause the recitation for fearing it would change the meaning of the verses. Somehow, there are place that needs us to be secular, not mixing it with religion. But do not get me wrong, I'm still support the airing of azan and Quran recitation from the mosque since this place is only visited by Muslims.

Secondly, you will not find unmotivated cashier anywhere else, only here. I've been to The Store Kemaman, Giant Kijal (yes, another Giant, just bigger) and Pasaraya Sama Maju in Paka, they share one characteristic, the cashiers will take your shopping items reluctantly and scanning them slowly before putting them into plastic bags. I never seen anything like this anywhere else and yet very annoyed with it. But then, I guess I cannot complaint much since the locals seem ok with this and not complaining. So, I just need to be silent on this. :P On another note, there is one cashier in TMC had given me hope on this issue. He was very efficient in his work and I just spend less than 3 minutes for 5 items purchase compared to 10 minutes transaction of the same number of items before this. Too bad I cannot see your name to be written in this blog though. Keep up the good work! :)

So, that is all I want to share with you for this time. Hope you can get some ideas about this town and it's surrounding area should you decide to move into this town. Cheers~ :)

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pemonolog said...

hello brother, that is after the death of the Royal Highness' mother la.. that's y they aired the Quran recitations..