Monday, 4 July 2011

TakBolehBlah 20000 km Maintenance

TakBolehBlah in Banting before servicing

This month, TakBolehBlah had travelled 20000 km since I bought it in December 2010. So, I have done some periodic maintenance on the car. Also, I have changed some parts from stock to better parts to improve the performance of the car. Here are the details on the parts and servicing activity for your reference:

Eneos Pro-Racing 5W40 Fully Synthetic Oil (bought online in LYN forum, RM160)

K&N Drop-in Air Filter P/N: 33-2539 (bought online in LYN forum, RM240 - self installed)

NGK Iridium IX P/N: TR6IX (bought online in LYN forum, RM135 - self installed)

For oil change, it was done in Pusat Service EON Banting and I bring my own Eneos oil (as per above) and they charged me RM64 which includes:

  • Original Proton oil filter
  • Coolant
  • Halogen bulb (my right fog light burnt and need to be replaced)
  • Labour charge (RM20)

For self installation, here are the tools I've used:

Satria Neo CPS SP4H engine bay

To change K&N drop-in air filter, I've used a Philips tip screw driver to unscrew the air box. To replace spark plugs, I've used a 8 mm T-wrench to open up the red cam valley cover and 16 mm spark plug T-wrench to remove and install the spark plugs:

8 mm T-wrench

16 mm spark plug T-wrench

Hope the reader can gain some knowledge on basic car maintenance and what are the tools needed. Cheers~

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