Monday, 13 June 2011

Scam Alert!

I admit that my blog is quite dull, boring, and infrequently updated. The reason being I will not write just for the sake of blog postings count resulting in copy-and-paste post. And, my intention of blogging is to share my opinion and information to my fellow readers and followers (if any :P).

To spice up this blog a little bit, I have decided to expand my writing and information sharing horizon to expose the reader about scam through SMS. I will post the number (screw you, scammer!) and the content by retyping the SMS exactly like I received on my phone. No screen capture like you can do with your IPhone 5 (I know a screen capture is more authentic) since I am just using cheapo not-so-dumb phone. Again, my intention is to share with all of you as world today is full of scams. I hope with this information, we can shield ourselves from this fraud.

For starters, I have 2 SMS containing scam (I have not deleted them, still in my inbox) to share with you. Sometimes, these short messages are good for the LOLz. Stay safe online, and do not get fooled.

SMS #1

Date: 9 June 2011
From: +60126291222

:-)TAHNIAH ! Anda dipilih Pekerja-rumah Asiacom dpt gaji RM4000! Hantar borang dgn poslaju hari ni. TIADA JUAL/BELI PRODUK ,Barang sampai rumah dlm 3 hari!Syarikat Asiacom dijamin 100% lebih 11 tahun, tiada unsur penipuan!

SMS #2

Date: 13 June 2011
From: +60176359852

Slm. Maaf m'gangu. BeRITA BAIK! PERINTI$ d cari bg Biz Baru b'taraf GMP &Halal. POTEN$i RM640-RM4,480/! BUKTI & Testimoni> (Pn Ila, PJ)

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