Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sydney 2012

I was lucky to be in the technical team for Kerteh-wide Digital Trunked Radio System (DTRS) Expansion Project. The team were attending factory acceptance test (FAT) for Digital Microwave Radio (DMR) at Longreach office in Sydney, Australia.

I went there for one week that is from 26/6/2012 until 1/7/2012. The purpose of FAT is to test the equipment thoroughly before they will be brought into Malaysia to be installed in 5 sites around Kemaman and Dungun area to provide digital radio coverage in all PETRONAS facilities in Kerteh area.

I will let the pictures tell the rest :) - Reminder: not sorted chronologically

 At Cockle Bay Wharf

 Hard Rock Cafe Sydney

 Youth Hotel in Sydney is a great place to make new friends :P

 Business Class comfort

Being a Business Class traveller, you will be well fed and well-entertained

 Arrived in Sydney International Airport

 Sydney at nite

 Morning view from my room

 Light traffic in the morning

Train - our main mode of transport while in Sydney

 The technical team

 Testing the Outdoor Unit (ODU)

 Error generator

 The Longreach IR+ Indoor Unit (IDU)

Night walk

 Sydney Opera House at night

Harbour bridge

 Lobster for lunch, anyone?

Dinner in Malaysian restaurant

 Pisang goreng with ice-cream

The team with Longreach management



Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour

Sour Turkish delight!

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