Monday, 15 October 2012

So I Just Watched a Shitty Malay Movie

Where and when was this happening?

TGV Mesra Mall, early this week 14/10/2012.

Why do you feel like Tron walking inside the movie theatre?

Thanks to reflective stripes on my coverall, they attracted a lot of attention. Due to extreme boredom, I did not even care to change my working coverall and just picked the movie that was available on the time I arrived there.

This is just simulation

Mind to share the synopsis of the movie?

It was about 2 cops who were in undercover operation to break the criminal activity of two gangs that involves in the selling of pirated DVDs around KL. Their tactic is to make the two gangs collided and fought among themselves to bring their criminal activity to light. Yes, it is pretty lame and predictable storyline. The theme is typical Malay movies themes like rempit, triad, gangster and comedy horror movie. Lame.

What is so shitty about this movie?

Most of it. From my understanding, it involves two gangs that are led by two Malay gang leaders. But their conversation is full of terms that were derived from Chinese words like langsi, sailangpailang and they converse in Chinese slang too. Maybe that makes them look more gangster, I presume? Lame ass movie. Can you at least speaks a 'proper' Bahasa Melayu pasar rather than speaks like old apek? Even Chinese can speak better Bahasa Melayu than that. Wake up, things have changed nowadays.

Mind to tell what was the movie that you watched?


Finally, how would you rate this movie?

So-so movie, exciting enough to watch under the condition that you have nothing better to do at that time. The babes are good looking but not enticing enough to be called hot and beautiful. :P So I would give 2 stars out of 5.

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