Friday, 11 April 2008

Horrible Week, no, yes?

This week's a hell for me. I can expect heavy downpour in the afternoon and made me wet after the lectures. Thanks to the Foster and ntahsape2 who designed the academic complex of UTP. It is undeniable that the design is state-of-the-art (mind you that this building won Aga Khan award in 2007) but unfortunately hiring a foreigner to design building in the tropical country was a very serious mistake. The roof is so high that it useless to cover the people below from the torrential tropical rain. Walking from one block to another is real disaster and I was soaking wet by just walking from pocket D to class at block 21! I dunno what to say since I'm stuck in here until I graduate.

And for the first time, there was no black cloud during Analogue II lab. My oscillator circuit finally work like a charm. And for the first time me and my lab partner, Ana finished the lab and submit the lab report 1 hour earlier than the stipulated time. That entitled me to have a very peaceful lunch with Ana and friends.

I hope that will be a good sign despite the heavy afternoon downpour for the week. My PC suddenly switched off during Control System tutorial today. When I opened the case, I found out that my graphic card's fan blade was broken in two. That is a very peculiar problem. And I thought the reason my PC switched off is to prevent the GPU (graphic processing unit) from overheating. So I took out the graphic card and tried to power up my rig without it. Still, the system refused to switch on. Upon further investigation, I found out that the PSU (power supply unit) is completely burnt. The coil burnt so badly that it fry the circuit board around it. Guess I need to buy a new one. Damn! For now, I can just pray hard that the burnt PSU doesn't fry my motherboard too. Amin~

p/s: Duit lg~ this post was made possible thanks to Qadir and his lappy~

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