Sunday, 29 June 2008

Mini Reunion

A mini reunion for the batch 1999 of SK Sri Langat was held at Sate R & K restaurant. The attendees were me, my sister Husna, Aizat Pardi, Akmal Zamri, Uzair, Syafiq Ibrahim, Arbaiyah, Syahidah Hussein and Afiqah. We gathered at around 11.00 a.m and the menu for that day was beef and chicken satays.

The aim of the reunion was to gathert as much as former students especially batch 1999 of SK Sri Langat. I hope those who were studying abroad will read this post and cry for being unable to join us that day. Pity you!

But, unfortunately I cannot post you the pictures as the pictures taken were accidentally deleted before I managed to download it to my PC. Sorry guys. :(

Fret not; there will be another gathering soon as Akma will return from Egypt for holiday. I hope many will have oppurtunity to attend this gathering. The best part is, her family owns the famous Selera 7 restaurant in Banting. Maybe we can arrange something there (read: free meals!). See you in the next post!

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ez said...

sate for brunch.
sounds yummy~

aku teringin nk menyibuk next time.. hehehe =)