Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Semester Break Update

It’s been a while since I update my post in this blog. For those who don’t know, the absence of internet connection at home is the root cause of my long silence here. So, I’ll try to compile what is happening during the semester break and I hope with the presence of my dad’s new digital camera (it’s a Panasonic Lumix LS80 8.1Mpx though) will help me to spice up the content of this blog with pictures to give you more information about the post. It’ll not be lame text-only posts from now on. :)

What can I say about my semester break at home? Believe me, it is damn boring. No friends to hang out with; either they are doing part time job, working (Aizat’s job is repairing airplane, mind you) or they have been far away abroad. My neighbourhood is more like a zone of alienation for me. Only school kids are there, going to and coming back from school. As for me, fetching my sisters from school is my daily job now. It has John Statham’s feel from The Transporters movie. Ok, ok, I know that a little bit exaggerating. To put it in one word, boring (pronounce it like Homer from The Simpsons).

Ouch, it hurts!

Maybe that will come out if my dad’s Kembara can speak. For those who don’t know, my dad’s Kembara now is about one month old and last week it had been hit by a motorcycle when he was on his way to fetch my mom who is working as a teacher at SMK Sultan Abdul Samad. It’s quite frustrating for my dad to see the deep dent at the left rear door caused by the impact made by the motorcycle. To add to the frustration, the motorcyclist did not want to admit his fault and when the accident was reported to the police, my dad was fined for hitting the motorcycle. How ridiculous is that? Lesson learnt: be defensive on the road. You would not involve in accident by hitting people, but you may get involved in accident when other careless road user hits you.

So, I wish my dad good luck in working on the procedure to get insurance claim for the accident.

The dent

Fuel Price Hike

As we all know, the price of fuel in Malaysia is increased for 7th time I think (correct me if I’m wrong). For petrol, the price has gone up to RM 2.70/liter and for diesel, RM 2.58/liter. Typical Malaysians style, they would flock the petrol stations available throughout the country (that includes me!) during the night where the announcement of price hikes was made. Me and my dad, driving a Kembara and a Kancil respectively to a Petronas Service Station at Bukit Changgang (that is about 20 kilometers from Banting) to fill up the tanks with the old price of RM 1.92/liter. As expected, this service station was also congested with road users despite its remote location. But the congestion was not as bad as the petrol stations in Banting. After all, we live with the new rates now, and that really affect the budget for fuel now. Maybe to fill up the tank of a Proton Waja now will rise up to RM 130 compared to RM 110 before. As for motorcycle, RM 10 now is not enough to fill up the tank, and that’s really hurts.

Most of the people blamed Petronas for the price hikes. Without any intention to defend Petronas in any way (I’m sponsored by Petronas for my study in UTP), Petronas is not responsible for subsidizing the fuel in Malaysia. The Government of Malaysia is the one who decide on the fuel subsidy for the Malaysians. Petronas has never failed to pay the income tax from its operation in oil and gas. Mind you that Government of Malaysia as the biggest share holder in Petronas. Thus, apart from receiving revenue in the form of income tax, the Malaysian Government is also receiving revenue in the form of profit as a share holder in Petronas every year. I’m not good in business study but generally, this is the basic operation of company with share holders. So, the power of making decisions will fall to the one who holds the most shares in the company and in this case, the Malaysian Government. I’m not trying to be political in this matter, my point is, if you want to blame someone for the price hike, don’t blame Tan Sri Hassan Merican and his team of management in Petronas. If Petronas is gaining profits from this, I will surely fight for monthly allowance increase from Petronas due to fuel price hike. :)

Mini Reunion

To alleviate boredom during the semester break, I call all my childhood friends (sape2 yg skola kat SK Sri Langat dulu) to come back to your hometown as we will have a mini reunion this weekend. The reunion will take place in Satay R & K restaurant, located in the shop lots in front of the Kuala Langat IPD a.k.a Balai Polis Banting site which is under reconstruction now, on this Sunday, 10.30 a.m. For further information, you may call me at 0176973959, Afiqah at 0176160314 and Arbaiyah at 0129241742. I really urge you to come and make this event enjoyable and meaningful.

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