Saturday, 25 October 2008

It is currently RM 61866.00 and keeps increasing, sir

Yesterday, I went to ESU (Education Sponsorship Unit) at Block O to collect my SOA (Statement of Account) as instructed to all Petronas scholars in UTP. The statement lists out the money spent on me starting from 31/07/2005 to 31/10/2008. To my amazement, Petronas has spent exactly RM61866.00 for sponsoring my study here in UTP and this figure will surely increases as I have 3 more semesters (InsyaALLAH) to go. The expenditures include tuition fees (averaging RM5k/semester), hostel fees, allowances (books, stationeries), computer grant (worth RM3.5k), insurance and the monthly RM500 allowances (they call it maintenance allowances, sound funny). Realizing that, suddenly it gives me chilling sensation, it is indeed, a lot of money. It is good for ESU doing this SOA thingy so it will motivate me to study and work harder during my life here in UTP (hope so). I do not know how much other sponsors (like JPA, PTPTN, Shell, TNB, Bank Negara etc.) had spent on their scholars, but I am sure it is a lot of money (and some came from Rakyat money). So, be grateful of what we have now and put it to good use. As for me, other than returning the favour to the sponsor (read: Petroliam Nasional Berhad), I am bounded to agreement and I do not want to be in trouble of paying back the money given to me due to some reasons (breach of contract, underperforming and etc.). There are so many oppurtunity for us to succeed (read: to do well in studies and get good jobs). It is up to us to grab them or not.

p/s: arini scholar masok (tambah lagi RM500 to the above sum), pegi Batu Gajah beli barang and then gunting rambot, da tinggal brape je nih. Whuuuu, sdap2 je aku blanje sambil menambahkan hutang. Study2! Huhuhuh~

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kirana said...

sgt bersetuju ngan anda!(read: to do well in studies and get good jobs). ahaks