Thursday, 30 October 2008

Tombo Ati

Versi asal oleh: Sunan Bonang (Salah seorang Wali Songo dari Jawa)

Tombo Hati

Tombo Ati iku limo perkorone
Kaping pisan moco Quran lan maknane
Kaping pindo sholat wengi lakonono
Kaping telu wong kang sholeh kumpulono
Kaping papat kudu weteng ingkang luwe
Kaping limo dzikir wengi ingkang suwe

Salah sawijine sopo iso ngelakoni
Mugi-mugi Gusti ALLOH nyembadani

Terjemahan untuk mereka yang tidak faham bahasa Jawa:

Ubat Hati

Ubat Hati ada lima perkaranya
Yang pertama baca Qur'an dan maknanya
Yang kedua solat malam dirikanlah
Yang ketiga berkumpullah (bergaul) dengan orang soleh
Yang keempat perbanyaklah berpuasa
Yang kelima zikir malam perbanyaklah

Salah satunya siapa boleh melakukannya
Moga-moga Allah yang Maha Besar memenuhi hajatnya

English transliteration for those who are clueless in understanding Bahasa Melayu and Javanese:

Elixir of heart

Elixir of heart, there are five of it
The First, read Quran and understand its meaning
The Second, prayer at night, do it
The Third, make your companion a pious person
The Fourth, keep your stomach hungry (i.e fasting regularly)
The Fifth, remember your Lord at night constantly (zikr)
One of it, anyone who can do it
May Allah almighty fulfill his wish
This song really brought me back close on track (at least I did not wander far from where I should be).  Honestly, I'm currently in emotion turmoil very badly. This is the most severe I ever had. The cause? Numerous. It has been accumulating for sometime and finally I was defeated by my own emotion. The strength that I had built myself before shattered like a broken glass. I am not being sentimental here, but it is really reflect my current state. Even so, I never blame Allah for it. There must be something behind all this (read: hikmah). But, rebuilding my faith is not an easy process. Along the way (read: now), my routine is severely affected, my focus had flew away, my concentration has gone so with my studies. I feel down, full of hatred, disappointed and still hoping that there will be someone to bring me out from this mess. I still pray and put my hope unto HIM. Everything I did is under the influence of hatred and it is really disturbing and wears me down. I am damn tired with all of this. I will be coming back home this week with hatred and revenge. Please, I never ask this, hope there will be help from HIM.

p/s: Syukur, status internship dgn Synergistic Generation Sdn. Bhd. dah confirm. On the other hand, DSP wat hal. Org2 tu wat hal gak. Arrrgghhh~

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