Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Today I woke up with extremely cold feet despite the hot sunny day of Tronoh. Quickly I realized that I was going to get struck by fever. Strangely, there was no flu or runny nose that usually comes with the fever. I stayed in the room till the afternoon to wait for the weather to go shady and went to UTP clinic for medical consultation. Thanks to the 'friendly' Dr. Baron Von Varun-look-alike, the fever is caused by abscess at my right underarm. Lesson learnt here that we have to tell everything about what we feel to the doctor. Usually I just neglected the pain thinking it is usual for me to have sore muscle when I got fever. Now I know that an abscess can knock me down with fever. So he prescribed me with antibiotic and usual paracetamol 650g pills. I hope the abscess will heal with the antibiotic, or else I'll have to get incision at the abscess to remove the pus. Ouch!