Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Phase Shift

Greetings to all my fellow readers!

For those who are not aware, currently I am working in Terengganu with a petrochemical plant in Kerteh. I have been staying here for more than a month (baru lagi) and still struggling to settle down and adapting myself with new environment.

To most of people, being in a new place is unfavourable but for me, I see it as an opportunity to expand my horizon and enjoy new experiences. I’ve never been in East Coast before, only few trips during holiday in my lifetime. And now, I am residing here for work.

The people are not as hostile as some of us might think, so stop stereotyping! Of course there are differences in terms of culture and the language, but if we stay humble and are ready to learn their culture, we will be accepted.

I love Terengganu for mainly for its food. I love squid and I can find it easily here. Since I am living near to the coastline, there are a lot of beautiful beaches to visit. Personally, I would come to Pantai Kemasik since it is near to my house and have beautiful scenery.

For town dwellers, you might find this place inhabitable since it is not as developed as big city like KL, but I am ok with that. Kerteh has shopping mall called Mesra Mall, near to Rantau PETRONAS. The mall is quite ‘well-equipped’, with TGV cinema if you want to watch movies, bowling alleys and shops like The Body Shops, Popular bookstores, Starbucks, Burger King and many more.

Another interesting thing that I found here is that I have not seen dogs wandering around but instead, I found hogs crossing the road at night. Mind you, the main road in Kerteh is quite busy, connecting Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu and yet you can find hogs here. So, be careful when you are driving. 

After all, I am enjoying my stay here in Terengganu and I am looking forward to explore this state and gain as much as experience for my career here. 

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