Monday, 18 October 2010

Tronoh Tales

Year 2005, the year I first stepped my foot on this land. Together with a number of school-leavers who aspired to pursue our dreams, we started to acclimatize ourselves with this foreign territory and get to know the people who came from different corners of world.

Seeking knowledge in this alma mater is one thing, and for sure, it had never been easy. But the real challenge is how we survived to overcome the obstacles that were laid ahead of us. The language barrier, cultural differences and many more had somehow moulded us to be resilient and not to give up easily. But yet, these shortcomings colour our life in here and opened up new perspective on how we see the world now.

The time flies, and enter year 2010. After years of hardships, failures, heart-breaks, we finally came to the end. I wish to congratulate all of us who have been able to surpass our own limit, and here we are the graduates of UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI PETRONAS. Happy Convocation!

p/s: Engineering futures, are we ready now?

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