Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Reconnected from Kerteh!

Last Tuesday I was just reconnected to the information superhighway (a.k.a The Internet) from my rented house in Kerteh. I am now subscribing TM's Streamyx 1 Mbps broadband package. So far, I am satisfied with the connection speed (according to current Malaysia's snailing slow connection standard). The package bundle is good too, for Blockbuster plan (1 Mbps with unlimited free calls to TM fixed line at RM110/month) a unit of D-Link's DSL-2640B WiFi router is provided as opposed to Riger WiFi router unit that is currently being used at my hometown in Banting. So, I just to wait for the DECT phone to be delivered and I am expecting the same Panasonic unit that is currently used in my hometown.

So, I logged on to website to check on how Streamyx is performing here in Kerteh. Here are the result, I pinged several servers in nearby cities around Kerteh and I am quite impressed with the result. I hope Streamyx has really improved this time and not relying on clause " provided on best effort basis..." anymore. I just hope that TM can improve on the uploading speed (384 Kbps I think) so I can keep on Torrenting more effectively. :)

Server: Cyberjaya, MY

Server: Singapore, SG

Server: Songkhla Province, TH

Server: Phuket Province, TH

Server: Bandar Seri Begawan, BN

p/s: Seeding and leeching all the time!

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Maint Kerteh said...

bro kat ner nak register streamyx tuh kat kerteh nie?