Saturday, 20 November 2010

Aging But Still Rolling Strong

My DAD's indium coloured Waja is now nearly 10 years old and had travelled around 190 000 km now. Currently I'm using this car and yeah, I am driving this car in Kerteh. Despite negative comment received from our fellow Malaysians bashing on the quality of this car, this car however is still in pristine condition (after a major accident) except replacing some aging components which are expected for this car of this age.

Yesterday, I went to our trusted workshops around Banting to replace some of the parts that need replacements. The parts include brake pads, radiator fan motor and front disc brake rotors. Since this car is used under harsh condition like frequent high speed and long haul journey, I have decided to spend a bit on good replacement parts. Instead of using the OEM brake pads, brake pads from Bendix are now sitting in the calipers. The disc rotors are also changed since the the old disc rotors have worn out by about 3 millimeters.

Bendix brake pads

Kim Ban Huat Auto workshop, Banting

Me and my dad were puzzled about the deterioration of cooling performance of the car's air condition since we just serviced it 2 month ago during the last Hari Raya Aidilfitri. We brought the car to the shop we did the servicing last time and upon inspection we found out the radiator fan motor had gone kaput. That was the cause of deteriorating cooling performance of the car and lately I noticed that the engine temperature is a bit higher from 90º C. After changing the motor, the air conditioning system regains its original cooling performance and the engine temperature drops below 90º C. Taking advantage of that, I also changed the radiator coolant at EON Service Center here in Banting.

Ready for 'surgery'

With all the servicing done, I'm hoping that this car can perform better and more reliable after this. This car had gone through a lot, from frequent Banting - Tronoh trip, she is now travelling Banting - Kerteh, and she is still rolling strong. :)

Old front disc rotor and brake pads

p/s: Currently bedding in the new brake pads with the new disc rotors

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