Saturday, 22 January 2011

EcoCare Kick Off 2011

Staying in quite quiet places like Kerteh can be so boring sometimes. How you want to fill the weekend can be quite daunting if you, city dwellers are so into busy and 'filling' city life. You won't find malls or shopping complexes in vicinity except the only Mesra Mall.

Deciding to be more productive this weekend, I have decided to join EcoCare 2011 Kick Off program. It is basically cruising along Kerteh River and get to know about the mangrove trees that grow along the muddy Kerteh River. This program is an initiative by my company that I worked for, Optimal collaborating with Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) to conserve and preserve the mangroves in Sungai Kerteh. The objective of this kick off program is to give exposure to the participants about various species of mangroves that grow along the banks of this river. I get to know a lot about mangroves and the importance of mangroves and swampy areas as biodiversity barrier that protect land from being hit directly by big waves from the seas such as tsunamis.

Optimal's CEO was also present to support the EcoCare program

I get to visit the nursery site established by Optimal and MNS for various kind of mangroves and during the 2 hours river cruise, I had received a lot of information from MNS volunteer regarding mangroves. One thing that attracted me is Rhizophora x lamarckii tree that is the only one in Malaysia.

The one and only Rhizophora x lamarckii

As the name imply, the letter 'x' signifies that the tree is a hybrid tree and hence it cannot reproduce due to it's hybrid nature. That is why Sungai Kerteh is very special for conservation and preservation project. There were a lot more to tell, but I'll just leave the pictures do the talking. :)

The mangrove nursery

Cruise along Sungai Kerteh

The participant with The Boss!

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