Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Misleading 'Pasar' Language

Admit it, most of us Malaysians tend to mix English with Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin or even Tamil in our daily communication be it written or verbal. I am not a language expert yet a language warrior (pejuang bahasa or whatever you call it) as I am also using this 'pasar' language in my daily communication although I am using proper language when writing in this blog. No matter how 'pasar' your language is, please do not make a fool of yourself by typing or saying something that is misleading from what you are trying to say just because to show that you are also know English. Now, let see the phrases below for example:

Defeat or defect?

While trying new garments at the departmental store

"Takpelah, seluar ni boleh otter nanti" - otter=memerang, it should be ALTER

Come on vs common

"Common la, how can you say like that?" I bet it should write "Come on la"

Untie or auntie?

"Untie, thanks for the present! Luv u muah3!" - mak cik awak ni tali ke? Untie=merungkaikan ikatan (tali dan sebagainya)

Message or massage?

"I've sent u massage, how come u dun get it?" - you should send a hot masseuse instead! :P masseuse=tukang urut (tak kisahlah batin atau pun tak batin)

If you really or unsure in conveying the message using the language, remember we still have our mother tongue and keep our mind open to learn the language and improve. :)

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