Sunday, 30 January 2011

Forward Culture

From my memory, it started from forwarding chain letters, then evolved to chain SMSes, and now, chain statuses on social networking site. I do not know why we like to forward messages like these. Of course, it tells us to do good thing but why good thing need to be forceful by threatening the reader that he/she will have bad luck if they do not FORWARD that messages to the others. This is truly absurd and not productive. We just love to copy and paste then forward it to our friends and family members. Have we ever questioned the truth about the messages we FORWARDED to the others? Frankly, when this is happening too often, I became annoyed despite the good message conveyed or rather, FORWARDED.

This Facebook-is-gonna-close type of message is very lame. Have we even asked the founder about the truth of this message? He would be very idiot to close down this social networking site after making millions of dollar out of it. And we, the ignorant user just do our part by hogging the server (which I doubt will have adverse effect of this mass mailing act) and we even make a fool of ourselves by annoying our friends with these spam of bullcrap.

Another piece of joke from our fellow friend. The message is good. In fact, performing the Solat or prayer is compulsory for the moslems. But why this "GOOD THING" is only intended to be forwarded to only 10 moslems? Should the good thing be shared with everybody? I'm not an expert in my religion, but from my knowledge, we can never know when will doomsday (Hari Kiamat) will happen. It is a part of "Perkara-perkara Ghaib" that only Allah knows about it. Ask the ustazs or ustazahs for clarification.

So, I would like to ask everybody to think deeply before we forward anything to the others. We do not want to forward something that is misleading and be blamed for it, right?


ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

mesej ke mazidol:

mangkok2 yang sokong lu ni sama je bangang macam penyokong revolusi arab. last2 aset dibeku jew & jadi milik mereka TANPA perlu lawan BERBANDING rakyat tempatan.

moral: better ko nasihat semua agar jangan hipokrit. p poligami JANGAN multizina. tok sah nak cover2 konon setia (bagi lelaki) & masih dara (pihak wanita).

amanat terakhir ke 7 nabi (tvalhijrah): jangan berzina. mudah sungguh. nikahlah. sedangkan 999 pun ada risiko. sejarah dah menunjukkan orang johor (kebetulan selatan malaysia) terselamat daripada bom atom di jepun sebab dia tak bermukah. perang NUKLEAR pulak dijangka 2012... so fikir2kanlah. kepada yang dah TERzina, tobat nasuha. moga2 anda tak mati masa terhidu gas hijau beracun tuh kelak.

wa yakin lu tak kan lepaskan komen nih sebab aku SUSPEK ko pun might be terlibat sama. END.

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

ko kacau org laen boleh x? aku bkan blogger glemer pon~ aku tulis ape yg aku nk tulis, bkan nk harap ape2~ berkongsi pemikiran aku dgn org laen~ now aku da lpaskan komen ko, ape ko nak cakap? cume lpas ni ko bleh x bagi komen yg berkaitan dgn ape yg aku tulis? kasihan~