Monday, 30 May 2011

It is OK to criticize, but get your fact right first

The recent electric tariff hike had made the rakyat furious. In the cyberspace, the angry rakyat started a cyber war on Malaysia's PM Facebook page. So many angry comments, not to forget some offensive remarks were posted on his wall.

Not to condone nor objecting their opinion (I still believe in freedom of speech), but I am amused when some of them are just barking without checking on the fact first. This is very different from criticizing where any remarks or critics were made on a factual basis. Look at this picture:

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To Malayan Tiger, I would like to share with you that you are using the wrong electrical unit in your comment. For your info, Malaysia (as well as most Commonwealth countries) are using 240 Volt system for distributing single phase electric supply, as opposed to US using 120 Volt. The correct unit is Volt and not Watt. Watt is use to measure the power consumed by an electrical device. If you want to bash, please bash with correct fact, or else people will be laughing at you.

p/s: Not a fan of Najib Razak on FB. Undi adalah rahsia.

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