Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Thinking of Another Reason for Not Texting While Driving?

Before I move on further, let us list down the reasons why we should not text/sending SMS while driving:

Reason #1 : It is punishable by law

Reason #2 :
It can lead to accident

I believe these are the most popular reason to deter people from texting while driving. Now, I want you to consider this case as another reason for not to text while driving:

You are an executive of an old, aging factory in the East Coast of Malaysia. Besides your colleague at work, you are also have friends outside that have totally different background from your work colleague. Your work colleague sees you as someone who is serious and meticulous but your friend sees you as someone who is joyful, love to talk cock, and have garden in your heart (dalam hati ada taman). So, it seems that you have to sides of you by communicating in different lingo between these two group of friends. You were texting with your friend and at the same time you are also texting your colleague on work matters. You are an avid and dexterous texting-while-driving person and accidentally you've sent the message that is supposed to be sent to your friend (hence the different, informal lingo) to your work colleague. You did not realize that until you reached the office and your work colleague make fun of you for sending the wrong message to the wrong person, accidentally of course. And you can hardly survive the day at the office due to your mistake.

So, for Reason 3#:

Do not text while driving as you may send the wrong text message to the wrong recipient. You will end up exposing the other side of you the person that you don't want. It is as shameful as died in accident due to sending text message while driving.

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