Friday, 25 January 2008

Changing Letter Case in Microsoft Word

Some of us might encounter typing error related to letter case when using this popular word processor. Normally we would correct the error by pressing delete key and type the new letter case. What if we have typed a paragraph all in capital letter or upper case? Or what if you want only the first letter of the word in upper case while the rest in lower case? Changing one by one is inevitably a disaster to us. That is where the combination of Shift+F3 key work its charm.

  1. Highlight the phrase that you want to change (e.g from lower case to UPPER CASE).
  2. While keeping the phrase highlighted, press Shift+F3 until the phrase change to the letter case you want.
  3. The cycle should be "muhammad afiq -> Muhammad Afiq -> MUHAMMAD AFIQ" .
I hope this tip will assist you to work more efficiently especially when typing your assignment.

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