Thursday, 24 January 2008

New home for my rig

During the last semester break, I bought a brand new Cooler Master Elite 333 middle tower casing at Low Yat retailed at RM150. I have to get the new casing as the former casing had driven me mad with poor built that is prone to short-circuit, causing my Pentium 4 630 system gone erratic and nearly blow the power supply unit.

For me, it is a sensible buy purchasing the casing and have quite good price to quality ratio. First of all, I really love the built. This casing (and it is normal for all casing manufactured by Cooler Master) offers nearly tool less installation. Mounting the motherboard is still using the usual nuts and screws but installing the drives and expansion card(s) is a breeze.

It has self-locking mechanism to mount my hard disk, floppy drives, optical drives (I have two, one is a Samsung combo drive and a Pioneer DVDRW burner) and my GeForce 6600 PCIe graphics card. So, say good bye to screw drivers whenever you want to upgrade in the future.

To top off to that, the front panel have steel mesh design and the are foam behind it. The mesh design allow better airflow into the casing while the foam act as filter to prevent dust from entering into your system. So, rest assured that you won't find your PC innards dusty anymore.

The power and reset switch, two USB and front panel audio ports are located on the side of the casing giving the simplistic and minimal look to it's overall appearance. It has 2 blue LED indicators that indicate the power status and HDD operation. There are 2 fan brackets each one located in the front and rear of the casing. The fan brackets support 8 and 12 cm fans to allow case modder to improve the cooling process especially on the overclocked system (mine is overclocked from 3.0 GHz to 3.2 GHz on stock CPU fan).

All in all, I was really satisfied with this casing right now and it worth every cents that I've spent. Oh, before I forgot, my casing comes with clear side panel so that we can see what is beneath the rig. You may view the casing picture and specification by clicking on the link here.

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