Saturday, 26 January 2008

The reality of truth

Sometimes, the truth is bitter. It really slice deep into our heart. For some of us who are 'fragile', this kind of truth really affects their routine. It will get us out of our own tempo. I am in the very delicate situation and the ending of it really hurts me. Of course, there are always hikmah behind all of this. I hope this will be a good turning point to me and I can stand up again and achieve what should I achieve. I really need a lot of strength and determination to survive and excel in life. After all, C'est la vie! :) To this one wonderful person I had, thank you for being so nice and helpful to me. I hope that will not change even though things will not be the same after this. You are one of the foundation that make me stand up to face any obstacles in front of me. My utmost gratitude to my house mate, Ajim for being a good listener. I really appreciate that. I would like to end my post for this time by sharing with all of you the lyrics of the song that I listened to while typing this post. And I dedicate this to the one who had been so wonderful and helpful to me all this while. You are really one of a kind to me.

Dewa - Sayap-sayap Patah

Sayangku ku mohon tetap disini
Temani jasadku,yang belum mati
Rohku melayang, tak kembali
Bila kau pun pergi
Meninggalkan yang terbaik
Bagi kita semua

Ku coba kembangkan sayap patahku
'tuk terbang tinggi lagi diangkasa
Melayang melukis langit
Merangkai awan
Awan mendung

p/s: FKS

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