Thursday, 24 January 2008

Welcoming Notes

As the title implies, I warmly greeted you to drop by at my blog. I am just in beginning of blogging so you can always expect me to keep the content updated and do necessary improvements on this blog's presentation.

Year 2008 now enters it's 24'th day and I hope that I am not late to wish you happy new year. May our resolution(s) for this year will be achievable and leave something good to us. As for me, I will keep improving myself to be a better person. Yeah, there a lot of obstacles waiting for me along the journey, I might overcome it effortlessly or I might fall but I hope I could stand up again and keep improving myself.

January 2008 semester in UTP, the place where I study started on the January 21st. It's been a horrendous week for me as everything regarding the lectures, tutorial and lab slots have to be settled during this week. There were and there will be a lot of running (just to get to the lab technician's room to book for the desired slot to avoid clashes with other subjects) and there were lack of sleep (some of the registration is done online and the lecturers deliberately open the registration at unusual hour like at 3.00 a.m.). I hope things will be better and more 'civilized' next week and I can concentrate on my studies (tak nak maen2 dah, nanti scholar kne potong).

I should end this post right now because I'll be having a Control Systems lecture at 4. Tata~

p/s: Sem ni puas ati sket sbab dapat add French. Oh lala! (tringat Mme. Santha Devi ngaja French kat skola dlu)

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