Monday, 1 September 2008

August Get Together

The mini reunion is on again. This time, I have 2 'aliens' from the overseas. Akma is now currently studying in Egypt and spending her study break at home. Syafiqah, who was just arrived (about 2 weeks) from Japan is doing the same too. There are 6 persons attending this mini-gathering including me, Akmal Hakim, Aizat, Syahidah and of course our 'aliens': Syafiqah and Akma. The venue? Hmmm.. quiet tricky as we explored the whole Banting area from the satay restaurant near to the Telekom HQ, Kanchong Darat, Morib and finally we have to be satisfied with McDonalds Banting. (What a trip, we went all the way to Morib and made a U-turn to McD Banting?) The food is the usual meals served by McD but Syafiqah treated us with a box of chocolate from Japan. They taste delicious. Thanks to you, Syafiqah. I hope you can give me more since we live in the same neigbourhood. Har3~ Before we left, we had a small photography session for all of us. After all, I was very happy with this mini-gathering. It is good to meet our childhood friends who are now scattered around the world. Sadly to say, Hazmi missed this party as his flight back to Malaysia from Japan was scheduled a day after our mini-gathering. Hazmi, if you are reading this, don't feel down as we will have another mini-gathering at the end of this month. I'll be home for celebrating Hari Raya on this 27th. Just to make you envy (especially to Hazmi), enjoy these pixs. Hehehe~

Aizat, Akmal Hakim, Syahidah, Akma, Syafiqah

Aizat, Akmal Hakim, Akma, Syafiqah, ME :)

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