Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Seeing Myself in Ten Years

0951H, a perfect time to do blogging as the Internet in UTP is not congested since all students are mostly attending lectures now (or still sleeping). For that, I have to pass my Engineering Economics class (it is a tutorial anyway) to write something in this blog. Hehehe. My sahur for today is quite extravagant for me, rice with paprik vegetables, fried egg and hot milo. The result is I still feel full up to this hour. Alhamdulillah.

Back to the title of this post, really, I do not know where I will be, or what I will be doing in the next 10 years. My life currently is already complicated and will it might be more complex in the next 10 years? I do not know with whom I will end up with, I do not know where I will be settling down or what job I will be hired to. Yes, I have targets regarding my future but considering the current situation, I am not very sure whether my future can comply with what I have planned all this while. Now I realize life is very complex. All I know now that I have to survive this cruel world and make throught it. I must say to myself that I have to get the necessary things done and hoping for the better outcomes from them. I must thank the persons who are very close to me for providing me emotional support (directly or indirectly) to keep me survive. Maybe you do not feel that you are helping me but by making me comfortable being with you is helpful enough. Please pray for my good endings in the future and I am doing the same thing to you too.

As for present, I have Power Systems test today. I hope I can do this test very well. This is a part of process that will determine my future. Please pray for me ok. :) I have to end this blog, I need to go to the Engineering Economics lecture now as I have missed the first hour of my classes for today. :) For all of you, life is hard but we will surely can make through it if we put effort for it. Failing is undesirable, but it is not the end of the world. I quote this from my lecturer Dr. Muhammad Awan (though I never favour him but he is a good philosopher for me). Till then, may the good things be with us always, au revoir!

p/s: xstudy pe lg utk test petang ni coz mgu lpas da ade 4 test. tu yg mcm mls sket nih. hehe~

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tengku Anis said...

hoho.. bile bace entry ko yg ni baru aku faham sbb pe ko tny aku mkn sahur ape...

mesti ko xcited nk cter psl makanan ko tp aku plak blurr2.. :P

nway, bdk mane yg tetido tu?

Afni said...

Find me at afni-mukminatmumtazah.blogspot.com