Monday, 29 September 2008

It’s Eid-Mubarak Eve, Finally…

I have received an SMS from Jeno. It read like this:

SMS raya dah byk. Tp raya tetap belom menjelang tiba. Salam aidilfitri dari jeno dan isteri imaginasi.

WTH is that? (ooops! I’m fasting). This one of a kind Raya SMS really tickles me. I can’t stop smiling even though I’m very tired due to stirring the thick and black dodol at the backyard of my Wan’s house (referring to my grandmother). Actually I'm skipping the work of stirring the dodol down there and try to write something in this blog (hehehe, thanks to Ateh's lappie and her Maxis berukben). Stirring the dodol itself is not that tiring. But plus the heat and the smoke that irritates my eyes, stirring dodol is definitely not the interesting job to do in this Raya preparations. And now the clouds start to turn black, hope it is not the sign of raining since the dodol has to be stirred for another 3 hours from now (we started cooking it at 11 this morning) before it can be consumed.

I've been in my kampung for two days now, bringing Ateh (my aunt), Wajihah and Haziqah. Mak, ayah, Nina and Husna will be coming back tomorrow (pandai betol derg ni mengelat), on the night of Raya. Being here in my kampung, The Transporter job (noble name for driver, in my opinion) is definitely for me. Yesterday, I went to Tampin with Wan to accompany her doing some shopping for Raya there. The good things are, Wan is sooooo generous that she bought me a new songkok (it saves me RM40, :P) and many things that I want (especially food and beverages) at Giant Hypermarket Tampin. In the evening, I went to Gemas with Ateh and bought foods at bazar Ramadhan for the breaking fast for yesterday. We bought less foods but, loads of beverages. We were having Tropicana Twister and Peel Fresh Mango bought earlier at Giant and, Longan juice and Air Katira from the bazar Ramadhan. But still, I managed to stuff my stomach with fried chickens later at the night. It is indeed a tiring (and thirsty) day for me. Then, I held a special cooking class for Wan. It was on how to prepare dadih. I have prepared dadih kiwi with kiwi slices in it. By sahur today, the dadih had decreased to half, indicating that I'm a good cook (yes, indeed :P).

I woke up late today to know that the ingredients for dodol have been prepared. As the nearly-extinct male in this house (yes, I have many female relatives including my aunts and cousins), the job of starting the fire and cooking the dodol had been handed over to me (which I skipped later, I mean now and had been taken over by my only uncle). It is really tiring and I started to feel thirsty. I wish I could have chilled coconut juice, 100 Plus isotonic drink, lychee juice and the list goes on... (damn! those are my favourite drinks!). I think I need to stop now. I'm really thirsty... (woi, puase la!)

p/s: I've promised to myself that I will get those drinks ready today for buka puasa!

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