Monday, 6 April 2009

Bukit Jugra Uphill

Yesterday, I've decided to kill the boredom of weekend by joining the fitness training of my sisters' taekwondo team at Bukit Jugra. Bukit Jugra is located about 10 km away from my house and it is overlooking the busiest straits in the world, Straits of Malacca.

My sisters, Amanina and Wajihah

Wajihah and me

Amanina and me

The team members arrived at about 1630H and the activity is to climb up the Bukit Jugra. We warmed up and do some stretching beforehand and the I joined the kids (all of them are taekwondo exponents including my sisters) running uphill. Due to the lack of fitness and I haven't involved in straineous physical activity for about 6 months (the last I could remember is playing badminton 5 sets straight in UTP last semester), I could only make it to the lighthouse cum radar station of TUDM (Royal Malaysian Airforce) while the kids continued to run up to the commando camp entrance at the peak. I was panting and sweating badly at only halfways! Malu2~

Warming and stretching up before running uphill

Not wanting to push my unfit body, I descended the hill and head to the car. While waiting for them to finish, I sped my car to the nearby Pantai Kelanang and indulge myself in ABC (air batu campur) and banana fritters (pisang goreng laaa~). It was so intoxicating after sweating badly due to the uphill run. We went home at 1830H. :)

ABC dan goreng pisang pengubat jiwa yang pancet

p/s: I rode head to head with Yamaha Lagenda WQX XXXX on my way to work this morning. From Jalan Sukepi and then we parted at Jalan Merbok and Jalan Balam then meet again at Jalan Kebun. Good chase dude!


Hazmi said...

adoi..pancit da ke?

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

pancit ler~ lame xbuat dow~ tibe2 pulon, tu psl tkejot~