Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Welcoming the Cendol Devoter

Today I took an hour of work to Banting. The initial plan was to settle the acquisition of my motorcycle's pink slip from the shop since my dad had completed the instalment payments. So, it is officialy his now. A call had been made to me to collect the pink slip (grant of ownership) in the morning and when I arrived there this afternoon, the document is not ready for collection yet.

To make up to the frustration, me and my other two colleagues, Abid (UTP intern) and Arsyad (IKM Jasin intern) went to sip the lagendary Banting cendol. I treated them with the lagendary cendol of this little town since Abid is one of the cendol devoter who constantly looking for cendol around him. So, I bring him to taste the Banting cendol and he really enjoying his time sipping the cendol under the hot and windy weather. Lpas ni bleh la dtg lg ye, Abid. Huhuhu~

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