Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Wallet Reset!

A report had been lodged at the Alamesra police station regarding my wallet lost in Sabah. So, I took a day leave today to replace all the vital documents and identifications.

MyKad replacement

I was charged RM 60.00 (for first time missing and after RM 50 student discount) and were issued with KPPK 09 a.k.a Dokumen Pengenalan Sementara (Temporary Identification Document). The new MyKad is expected to be ready for collection a week from now. I hate bringing this temporary ID as it is bulky and won’t fit your pants pocket. It is advisable to bring student card to get discount during the application of the new one. Oh, don’t forget to bring the police report too!

Driving License replacement

You have to get your ID picture handy and RM 20.00 for replacement charges. The process is simple and the new one is issued on the same day.

CIMB Bank ATM card replacement

Just fill in the form, and bring it to the officer in charge. You may use the temporary ID as identification to get the new ATM card. The fee is RM 12.00 per card. I have CIMB and CIMB Islamic account, so I applied for two lost card replacement.

Bank Islam ATM card replacement

I opened a saving account at Bank Islam since my allowance during my internship at SGPS will be paid here. The fee is RM 10.00 (cheapest among the banks) and you may use the temporary ID as identification.

Maybank ATM card replacement

Very cumbersome! They won’t accept temporary ID issued by Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) for lost card replacement. So, you have to bring the secondary identification like passport and birth certificate to complete the application. Unless you have your aunt working there, you can skip that. I did that since my passport has expired, though. :P The fee is RM 12.00.

Newly replaced

p/s: Kne carik wallet baru pasnih~ huhuhu~