Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Breast cancer: Are you at risk?

For some reasons, I would like to share with the readers about breast cancer. You might find it awkward since I am a guy and being overly concerned about this. Again, I have my own reasoning and this is the least I can do to create awareness about this No. 1 Women Killer. I hope this fact will be useful for my fellow readers.

Adapted from MAKNA website:

For females, ask yourself whether you are at risk of having breast cancer or not based on these characteristics:

  • Age – any women, 20 year old and above are at the risk of developing breast cancer and the risk increases with age. In fact, 70 per cent of breast cancer cases occur in women aged 50 and above.
  • Family history – women who have a mother, sister or daughter who developed breast cancer before the age of 50 are at a higher risk. This risk is further heightened if a woman has more than one immediate family member who has breast cancer.
  • Previous history – women who have already been treated for cancer in one breast have an increased risk of developing cancer in the other.
  • Menstruation – Early menstruation (before the age of 12) or late menopause (after the age of 50).
  • Pregnancy – Never having a full-term pregnancy or giving birth after the age of 30.
  • Breastfeeding – Women who have not breast-fed have higher risk of getting breast cancer.
  • Diet – A diet high in fat and low in fibre will increase the risk of having breast cancer.
  • Body weight – Obesity in post-menopausal years heightened the risk of breast cancer.
  • Alcoholism – Excessive alcohol consumption will increase the risk of having breast cancer.

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