Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Experimental Verification of a New Resonant Gate Driver in High Frequency Converter Circuit Based on T.I Formulation

Noticed that my FYP title has been changed. (Note: T.I=Texas Instruments)

The first stage of hardware-based work is finally completed. The digital PWM generator has been successfully completed built on breadboard. The circuit is operated thanks to these integrated cicruits (ICs) namely (as labeled on the picture):

  1. 74HC14 Hex inverting Schmitt Trigger by Texas Instruments™
  2. 74LS163 Synchronous 4-bit Binary Counter by Fairchild Semiconductor™
  3. MAX944 High Speed, Low Power, 3V/5V, Rail-to-Rail Single Supply Comparators by Maxim Integrated Products

74HC14 provides 1 MHz clock for 74LS163 counter operation while MAX944 integrates 4 comparators in one package. This circuit uses 3 comparators to generate PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal. One notable feature of MAX944 is it uses only single supply for its operation compared to normal comparator which uses dual-supply (+ve and -ve supply) thus simplifying the circuit construction. The DC reference level will be fed via the green wire (marked with no. 4) and white wire (marked no. 5) is the PWM output.

The circuit will be brought to lab tomorrow for testing. Hope it will yield the expected result with minimum variation. :)

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