Thursday, 13 November 2008

Final Exam Semester July 2008

It is finally here! 5 subjects with final exam paper, completed 2, are ready to confine my life for two weeks (11/11/2008 - 20/11/2008). But yet, I don't know why I still have effort to update this blog despite the 'snailing slow' internet connection in UTP. Maybe this due to undescribable fear to DSP (Digital Signal Processing) paper tomorrow afternoon. I have not start any revision now, that's why I try to write some here hoping that the intention to study will come to me afterwards. Hehehe... Up to now, I have sat for two papers, Electrical Machines I and Engineering Economy. Yet to come: DSP, Power Electronics, Power Systems. How am I doing so far? Emmm... Manageable I would say. I'm hoping for better situation in the following papers.

I'm really looking forward to end this mental torture (read: final exam) quickly. I even hope that I could skip it and go directly to industrial intership. Synergistic Generation Sdn. Bhd. in Kota Kemuning is where the internship will take place. I am really excited just thinking about it. Furthermore, it is closer to home. So, starting from 1/12/2008 to 10/7/2008, I will be at home most of the time. Hope this can be a good turning point to rearrange and reconfigure myself. Hahaha~ More info at

p/s: cuaknye nk exam


Rez said...

just arrived at your blog..interesting posts, but I'll check more out later as I shall need proper time to truly understand your posts (read: BM) hehe..

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

pardon my rojak post~ hahah~