Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Walimatul Urus

Actually I've been intending to cover my cousin's wedding since last week. But thanks to snailing slow of UTP internet including WiFi, I just been be able to do it tonight. The info about the wedding is as follow:Justify Full

Date: 2/11/2008
Venue: Sg. Manggis, Banting, Selangor
Newly wed: Nurul (my cousin) and her partner (Saiful)
Just enjoy the pictures captured using my dad's Panasonic Lumix LS-80:

Pengantin baru

Me, my mom and mak andak. Pakai baju burok je sbab kne jd penanggah (wedding crew, cett!)

Canon 70-200mm USM lens. Yes, it is a USM lens!!!

Sniping. Sekse bebeno nk amek gamba nmpknye

Bercinte di tgh padang. Xpanas ke?

My big family candid

My dad as professional chicken fryer

Taking the picture of people taking a picture

Pak Uda and Pakcik Jo

Awek cun

Catwalk shot. Awwww...!!!

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