Thursday, 20 November 2008

It's Over

Officially, today is the end of my hectic 3rd year 1st semester. The extreme excitement seeps into my vein (and maybe artery) when my Power Systems I answer booklet was taken by the invigilator at the Main Hall. I just can't describe this feeling. I will be leaving UTP tomorrow, stay at home and look forward to internship (although the company conned me by revising the allowance payment to RM300) on this coming first day of December. I will not be around UTP for approximately 8 months. I will miss the ambient here (sandy and dusty Tronoh), will miss the people (read: babes), DC++ (I frequent this local P2P network to download 3GPs, movies, series especially Knight Rider and Top Gear), the cafe food and most of all; the first and second roundabout from UTP gate (in front of the Masjid and Main Hall). I love driving hard around those roundabout to induce powerslide (in auto car? Not really...). Shift down to 2nd, drive to the apex, some heel and toe, floor the gas and feel the rear wiggle (a bit) and exit the corner. No countersteer, no braking (what could you expect from an FF layout of a Kancil auto?). I bid farewell to UTP and the people, drive safely home and enjoy the holiday. Nonetheless, I would miss this alma mater for the next semester despite the eagerness to leave this place now. :)

p/s: Haven't start packing yet. Help me, anyone? I need to move things from the 3rd floor!!!

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eZ said...

nice choice of song!

terhengat armageddon la pulok~
hihi ;p