Wednesday, 17 June 2009

6th Gear!

Some of you might not know that my current project now is on KAKG-A 1200 kW genset for PETRONAS. Thankful enough, this is the genset with large skid, meaning the canopy height is as high as our house. Therefore, I can save myself from backpains due to working in hard-to-reach area and limited space.

As usual, I have been entrusted to facilitate the E&I (Electrical & Instrument) work for the genset. That means, I have been working with numerous P&ID and electrical interface drawings prior to do the work on-site (I mean inside the genset).

Today, I went to the yard (after countless visits just to find the switches and transmitters were not fitted yet) to do the tagging works. There are several additions and amendments in the genset installation that need drawing update. Then, I proceed with the tagging work and I managed to get the job 80% done. Another 20% will be completed hopefully tomorrow. I need to tag all the lights and IR (Infra Red) flame detectors that are mounted at the ceiling of the genset. So, I will need more climbing tomorrow. Today I just climbed the big MTU engine to tag both of the rig savers and the alternator to tag the vibration switch.

The MDEC (MTU engine control unit) is not hooked up yet, so the engine can't be started. The F.A.T (factory acceptance test) is scheduled on the 28th this month. Quickly evaluating the current progress, I believe this is achievable. If there is delay, it will be for just 2 or 3 days lag usually caused by late delivery of essential items. To all fabrication yard staffs, project engineer and contractors, keep up the good work!

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