Friday, 19 June 2009

Keinsafan, Kegilaan, Kelegaan


I clocked-out for yesterday at 1815hrs. Gearing myself up with jacket, gloves, face mask (it's smoggy day as usual) and helmet, I rode my bike home. The traffic volume can be considered low as it was not school holidays and I was riding at around 80 km/h - 100 km/h and constant all the time. Working at the yard yesterday really made me tired and I don't have any intention to ride fast on my way home yesterday.

Then, I turned into Jalan Sukepi at Jenjarom and I rode even slower as I don't want to do a horseback ride there, the bumps are just too much for the motorcycle to absorb. If unfortunate enough, I might suffer from backpain afterwards. Then I turned right, passed by SMK Jenjarom and thankful enough, the students had already went back home. If not, it will be a major traffic hiccup there, you might take 30 minutes to get out from the 1 km traffic jam to the Klang - Banting trunk road.

I finally reached the junction into the main road. Weirdly, the traffic jam was so terrible. It is unusual to have traffic jam here although the traffic volume is high, the vehicles can still moving. I carefully rode between the vehicles to get out from the traffic jam. Now I know the massive traffic jam was caused by an accident involving two lorries and a motorcycle. The motorcyclist died with his innards splattered on the road, probably he was ran over by the lorry. Some of the innards sticked on the lorry's registration plate too. The situation quickly snapped my emotion, I continued riding at constant speed without much overtaking and 'cilok'ing. The awareness suddenly came into me and reminded myself to be more careful when riding motorcycle.

This morning, I passed by the accident spot and everything was cleared like nothing happened yesterday. Instinctively I was slowing down when passing the place and then I sped up again averaging at 110 km/h and safely arrived at my office. What a brief awareness... Ride safely!


Somebody asked me for a reset. Human feeling reset. I just agreed with that person and we rebooted ourself like nothing happened before. I don't know where the crazyness came from, and shockingly, I am the one who initiate the reboot although that person is the one who suggested the reset. Anyway, I think I will just go with the flow as I am a crazy person! Hahahahha~


Finally, the tagging works for KAKG-A genset are finally complete! The only hard-to-reach area for today is to install coolant level switch at the huge radiator. The obstacle is tagging the incoming cables at the ECP (Engine Control Panel) where the glands are closely installed to each other. I faced difficulty identifying the cables that run to the both rig savers so I have to trace the connection from the rig savers to the ECP. When I identified them, I saw the cable markings on the bottom side. Hampeh. There are also 'hidden cables' that happen to be W004 and W003 cables connected to the MDEC. Then, there is also new cables that are currently not exist in the electrical interface drawing. With the help from project engineer, Mr. Hafidz, I finally tagged the cable as power cable for alternator's space heater and alternator's RTD. With that, every cables inside the genset have been successfully tagged. What a relief! I went back to the office before lunch time. Phew~

Busy at work

Nimble hands...

Earthing point at the alternator

Teflon™ protected to avoid the sharp ends at the cable tray from piercing the cables and causing short circuits

p/s: Besok cuti dan xtau nk buat ape~ Huhuhu~